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“The Covid-19 Pandemic – A Digital Health Catalyst” Symposium 2021

14 September 2021, “The Covid-19 Pandemic – A Digital Health Catalyst” Online Symposium.

Target audience: Broad audience of health professionals, researchers, regulators, NGO, students

Format: Online. The talks will be in English 

Scientific and organizing committee: Prof. Katarzyna Wac (University of Geneva), Prof. Swann Pichon (Geneva School of Health Sciences HES-SO), Prof. Christian Lovis (University Hospital of Geneva, University of Geneva)

Context: Despite the challenges that the world is currently facing while overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, we observe its significant positive impact on healthcare’s digital transformation. The symposium’s goal is to engage a set of domain experts and a broad audience in a dialogue emphasizing the extent to which the pandemic acted as a catalyst for accelerating digital health. Specifically, the symposium underlines the significant roles that telehealth, data modeling, and interoperability of health data play in transforming healthcare.

Credits: TBP


Registration: link