MSc. Laëtitia Gosetto

MSc. Laëtitia Gosetto
PhD student / Research Assistant
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Laëtitia Gosetto is a Ph.D. student and a part-time research assistant at the Quality of Life Lab at the Institute of Service Science of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. During her studies at the University of Geneva, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (2013) and a Master’s degree in Social and Cognitive Psychology (2016). Following this master’s degree, she obtained a Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies (MALTT) in 2018. The MALTT master allowed Laëtitia to study UX design and to collaborate with the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) for an internship and her thesis topic on the impact of personalized message presentation on blood donation intention. This allowed her to specialize in UX design in the healthcare context.
In 2018, after completing her master’s degree, Laëtitia started a Ph.D. at CUI at the University of Geneva. Her thesis subject focuses on mobile application personalization aiming at behavioral change in the healthcare domain. In parallel to her thesis, she works on different projects in UX design at the HUG, such as the PELOSHA AAL project. This project aims at the development of a system to increase the independence of elderly people at home with new technologies. Indeed, the elderly are monitored remotely by their caregiver and carer thanks to a connected watch and various connected devices.