General Public Articles & Talks

The selection below includes online and printed press and other general-public articles, TV, and radio appearances organized in ‘Digital Health and Quality of Life’ and ‘Mobile Communications and Computing’ themes.

Digital Health and Quality of Life

“How can Data Science improve Quality of Life? ”?, BrainFruits Webinar Series, Invited: Prof. K. Wac, March 2022. (online press)(Video below)

Researcher Mental Health and Well-being Manifesto, December 2021. (online press)

“The Smartphone Will See You Now” – Will we be Treated by our Smartphones in the Future?, Polonium Foundation Webinar Series, Invited: Prof. K. Wac, March 2021. (online press)(Video below)

How To Improve Your Quality Of Life Through Data, Growth Island Webinar Series, Invited: Prof. K. Wac, February 2021. (online press)(Video below)

Assessing Behaviours, 24th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) 2021, Newsmaster Congress Interview, Invited: Prof. K. Wac, August 2020. (online press)(Video below)

Set of general public articles related to the publication in Nature Digital Medicine article titled “Assessment of menstrual health status and evolution through mobile apps for fertility awareness”, 2019. (printed and online articles)

WellCo: Wellbeing and Health Virtual Coach – ERCIM News, Special Theme: Digital Health, 2019. (printed and online article)

Self-tracking: un plus pour la qualité de vie?, Le Courrier, revue de GRAAP-Fondation, n° 129, mai-juin 2019. (online press)

Learning from Continuous Glucose Tracking, QuantifiedSelf Geneva Meetup, Invited: Dr. K. Wac, August 2018.

Set of general public articles related to the publication in BJS OPen article titled “Acute Mental Stress and Surgical Performance”, 2019. (printed and online articles)

Le self-tracking: mieux se connaître par les chiffres, RTS 19h30, Invitée: The QoL Lab, March 2017. (TV appearance)(Video below)

Learning from Continous Glucose Tracking, QuantifiedSelf Copenhagen Meetup, Invited: Dr. K. Wac, March 2017.

How Should You Design mHealth Technologies for Women?, Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Outlook newsletter, Prof. K. Wac et al., October 2016. (online press)

Auto-mesure: un outil médical d’avenir?, “Ma santé au quotidien”, Planet Sante Suisse, Invitée: Dr. K. Wac, Janvier 2015. (online press)

QuantifiedSelf. Empowering patients, are we getting there?, Reflections on Careum Congress 2014 by Dr. K. Wac, August 2014. (online press)

Médecine digitale: La santé connectée, RTS 36.9, Consulté: Dr. K. Wac, April 2014. (TV appearance)

Cette année, je me quantifie: Mieux se connaître soi-même par les chiffres, LeTemps, Invitée: Dr. K. Wac, Janvier 2014. Slides (printed and online press)

Causerie du jeudi: Quantified Self, OT Labs, Geneve, Invitée: Dr. K. Wac, Janvier 2014. Slides (online press)

Connecté pour se soigner, E-medicine: Les technologies de l’information transforment la pratique médicale, 24heures, Vaud Futur, Invitée: Dr. K. Wac, September 2013. (online press)

Un bracelet qui mesure tout, Emission Radio, Invitée: Dr. K. Wac, RTS.CH, April 2013. (Radio appearance)

Mit Smartphone und “Internet der Zukunft” Wohlstandskrankheiten vorbeugen – Innovations Report, 2012. (online press)

How to keep track of one’s physical activity budget using pervasive technologies – Commentary on Viewpoint published in Journal of Applied Physiology, 2011. (online article)

WayFiS: Way finding for seniors – ERCIM News, Special Theme: Ambient Assisted Living, 2011. (printed and online article)

Long distance care – Hospital IT Europe (HITE) Magazine article on the MobiHealth system, 2010. (printed and online press)

Healthcare to go – The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Magazine article on the MobiHealth system, 2009. Web (printed and online press)

Mobile Communications and Computing

Regional Clouds Are the Answer, Pipeline Magazine, 2021. (online press)

White Paper: A New Generation of eHealth Systems Powered by 5G, WWRF and EC, 2016/2017. (printed and online report)

Test: Internet connection on Copenhagen campuses, University Post, Newsletter, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016. (online press)

Open data, usagers du numérique et entreprises publiques, Revue Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication, June 2015. (printed and online article)

Les applications qui fluidifient le trafic sont toujours plus pointues, Tribune de Genève, June 2014. (printed and online press)

Les TPG en Mode Open Data: Des Donnes Vastes aux Applications Ciblees, TPG ‘Ou Bien’, June 2014. (printed and online press)

Comment l’Open Data facilite notre vie, LeTemps, January 2014. (printed and online press)

Get to know the performance of your mobile network operator anywhere-anytime – ERCIM News, Special Theme: Mobile Computing, April 2013. (printed and online press)

Mobile user experience beyond the laboratory: Towards a methodology for QoE-QoS evaluation in natural user environments – Wi: Journal of Mobile Media, 2010/2011. (printed and online press)


“IT Fire” – Interview with Katarzyna Wac, Swiss Informatics Society (SI) Digital Magazine (SIDM), Invited: Prof. K. Wac, August 2021. (online press)

Gaming, Informatique : Comment Être Une Scientifique De Pointe ? A La Rencontre De Trois Professeures «Branchées », 100 Women and Thousands More – a Multichannel campaign, Interreg PILE project and a Swissuinversities cooperation initiative, University of Geneva (UNIGE), Webinar,  Invited: Prof. K. Wac, October 2020. (online press)

How to be Agile when writing your Master Thesis – Medium, September 2019 (online press)

“15 years of REGARD” – The transversal skills workshop program for women researchers, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland, May 2019. See Prof. Wac’s profile at Web Video (online press)