Why and how to join?

Help us to design next generation smartphones: We conduct research leveraging mQoL to understand how shall we improve the way the smartphones operate and what are new innovate applications and services that can improve your Quality of Life. For example, our H2020 WellCo project incorporates smartphone sensing and wearables to evaluate unobtrusively your behaviour (sleep, physical activity, etc.) and provide you with behaviour change towards minimizing your disease risks in the future. The Swiss NSF MIQmodel project tests the user experience in terms of network performance for WiFi or 3G/4G networks. If you join mQoL, you will participate in evaluating new computing approaches and networking technologies, directly contributing to the next generation of smartphone and wearables-enabled services.

Participating in mQoL involves community efforts and it is fun: mQoL is not just about participating in research. We have frequent seminars at QoL, for example under the umbrella of ‘QuantifiedSelf Geneva’ and ‘QuantifiedSelf Copenhagen’ or other university talks where you can meet other mQoL participants, and learn about the projects that are being researched by the QoL lab members.

You are mQoL: We have started mQoL in May 2012, and since then we continuously and actively seek your feedback on our projects, adding new features and fine-tuning our apps and services. Your feedback and your participation show us the future of mQoL. It is a truly living lab, being mobile and connected. Smartphones are our ‘sensors’ and ‘actuators’.

Questions? Comments? Wish to Join us ? Please feel free to join one of the ongoing studies or contact us at study.qol@gmail.com