mQoL Lab app – Become a test user

We’re constantly developing our mQoL Lab app and need your help. Become a test user now and try the latest features with us.

How the testing works

Register as a beta tester

Go to and register as a beta tester. We will contact you soon after receiving your contact details.

Download the beta version of the mQoL Lab app

Once contacted by us and invited to test it, you must download the beta version of the app and then follow the installation instructions. This app works in exactly the same way as the final mQoL Lab app. The only difference is that you can use all new features some weeks before every app update.

WARNING: if you are currently participating in a study with the QoL Lab, you MUST NOT enrol in the beta tester program.

Test and provide feedback

As soon as new features are available for testing, you’ll receive a message/email from us outlining which new functions your mQoL Lab app contains. Use the new features and let us know if they don’t work as they are supposed to. We’d like to receive positive feedback too, so we know we’re on the right track.

The link to a feedback form will be in the email you will receive from us, but you can also use TestFlight (or others for Android devices) to report it to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I give feedback on the beta version of the mQoL Lab app?

    • You can submit feedback via the form sent to you by email when starting the beta test.
    • You can also send us feedback directly using the TestFlight app on your phone (or others for Android devices).
  • Which type of devices do I need to test with?

    • You can test with any smartphone or tablet running at least iOS 14 or Android 8 (Oreo).
    • When providing feedback, the type of device will be reported to us (or asked from you).
  • Which languages are available?
    • The mQoL Lab app is currently available in three languages: English, French, and Portuguese.
    • If you would like to help us translate and make it available in other languages, feel free to reach out at
  • How can I de-register as a test user?

    • iOS – Open the TestFlight app and select mQoL Lab. Under “Developer,” select “End test.”
    • Android – Select the mQoL Lab app in the Google Play Store. Under “You are a beta tester,” select “Exit.”
  • What happens to the data collected?

    • The data collected will only be used to improve the mQoL Lab app. Your data is not disclosed to third parties. The mQoL Lab app Privacy Policy applies.
    • Specifically for beta testers, the active and passive data collected from your devices will be erased from our databases up to six months after each entry creation.
    • When you send feedback and screenshots directly through the beta test app, the data is collected by Apple or in the Google Play Store. The following data is tracked by Apple and Google Play Store and shared with the QoL Lab:
      • Crash logs.
      • Personal data, such as name and email address.
      • Usage information, usage behavior.
      • Your feedback.