Oct 2020: International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL): Conference Workshops and Plenary Talk

21-24 October 2020, International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) Annual Conference, Prague, The Czech Republic. Prof. Wac is a co-chair of the Workshop Sub-Committee as well as a Plenary Speaker at the Session: ““Video killed the radio star”: How technology is changing the way we collect, analyze and interpret patient-relevant data.” Video

Oct 2020: mQoL-Lab Competing for “Prix de l’Innovation” HUG/UNIGE

29 october 2020, 14ème Journée de l’Innovation (WEB), Centre de l’Innovation HUG. The QoL Lab contribution presented by Alexandre De Masi is titled “mQoL-Lab: Une Plateforme Flexible Pour Réaliser Des Études Sur La Santé Aidée Par Des Appareils Interactifs, Mobiles, Portables Et Omniprésents” (project description). See also mQoL-Lab Research Publications for further details.

Mar 2019: Panel at the Society of Behavioural Medicine 2019

6-9 March 2019, Digital Health Council Panel Titled “Interdisciplinary, collaborative models of designing, implementing, and evaluating digital behavior change interventions”, at the 40th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of Society of Behavioural Medicine (SBM), Washington, DC, USA. Prof. Wac participates in a Panel discussion. Full citation Madalina Sucala, Katarzyna Wac, Donna Spruijt-Metz, The Digital Health Council Present […]

Nov 2018: Can Data Decide Your Health?

Future Healthcare? Human & IT & Legal Perspectives Seminar How are healthcare technologies going to impact our society and relations? And what questions should we consider and discuss for the future, as the healthcare industry right now is changing dramatically? What Human and legal perspectives on the area, in shape of short presentations from experts […]

Apr 2018: Panel at the Society of Behavioural Medicine 2018

11-14 April 2018, The Digital Health Council and Education, Training, and Career Development Council organizes a Panel Titled “Perspectives On Effective Digital Health Training In Behavioral Medicine” (Web), at the 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of Society of Behavioural Medicine (SBM), New Orleans, LA, USA. Prof. Wac participates in a Panel discussion. Full citation Goldstein […]

Oct 2016: Panel at the ‘Public Health Schweiz’ Symposium

26 October 2016, The ‘Public Health Schweiz’, i.e., the Swiss Society of Public Health organizes a Symposium titled “Compter ses pas, mesurer la tension artérielle, calculer les calories : une meilleure santé grâce au «self-tracking» et aux «wearables» ?” (Web), Bern, Switzerland. Prof. Wac participates in a Panel discussion.

Oct 2016: “QoL Vadis” Interdisciplinary Workshop

3 October 2016, 9-12h, KUA campus, Room 24.5.62, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, “QoL Vadis” – Interdisciplinary Workshop on Future and Emerging Trends in the Science of Quality of Life. Organizer Prof. Katarzyna Wac The Speakers Prof. Ayo Wahlberg, Institute for Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Making Of Quality Of Life – Co-Productions and Anthropological […]

Feb 2016: Talk by Anind K. Dey (CMU, USA)

23 Feburary 2016, 15-16.30h, Battelle A-432, Invited talk by Prof. Anind K. Dey (CMU, USA) titled: “Understanding Human Behavior Using Everyday Technology”. Speaker Prof. Anind K. Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, USA Title Understanding Human Behavior Using Everyday Technology Abstract Commodity smart phones and initial Internet-of-Things devices have made the visions of ubiquitous […]

Nov 2013: Talk at USI Lugano by Mattia Gustarini: “Ops, I wasn’t supposed to share that picture!”

Mattia Gustarini, Ops, I was not supposed to share that picture with them! Towards semi-automated centralized privacy settings: what to share, with whom, and in which situation, University of Lugano, Switzerland, Nov 2013 Highlight news Ubiquitous data collection from our smartphones is becoming a mainstream. We share data (e.g., photos, location) with our social networks, […]

Apr 2011: Tecfa Brown Bag Seminar

An increasing availability of miniaturized computing, storage and communication resources for personal wearable electronics devices as well as the availability of diverse sensors for human vital signs (e.g., heart rate, respiration) enable the development of a wide variety of wearable systems for ambulatory psychophysiological measurements. These systems pave the way for acquisition of quality data […]

Feb 2011: Boursières d’Excellence

3 February 2011, 8.30, “Boursières d’Excellence” talk by Katarzyna Wac, titled Translational Research on Effective and Efficient Telemedicine Services Supporting the Self-management of Chronically Ill Patients