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Feb 2016: Talk by Anind K. Dey (CMU, USA)

23 Feburary 2016, 15-16.30h, Battelle A-432, Invited talk by Prof. Anind K. Dey (CMU, USA) titled: “Understanding Human Behavior Using Everyday Technology”.

Speaker Prof. Anind K. Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, USA

Title Understanding Human Behavior Using Everyday Technology

Abstract Commodity smart phones and initial Internet-of-Things devices have made the visions of ubiquitous computing common place. The Ubicomp Lab at Carnegie Mellon University has been using people’s interactions with such devices to understand human behavior. In a number of domains, including driving, education, sustainability and healthcare, we have used this information to extract valuable information about people’s routines and anomalies, as both can be used to create effective interventions and supporting systems. In addition to our work on routine extraction, I will briefly describe CMU’s efforts on GIoTTO, our open infrastructure for the Internet of Things, and our focus on security and privacy, machine learning and the end-user experience.

Speaker Bio Anind K. Dey is the Charles M. Geschke Professor and Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He leads the Ubicomp Lab, which performs research at the intersection of ubiquitous computing, human-computer interaction and machine learning, in the areas of mobile computing, health and sustainability among others. He has authored over 100 papers on these topics, serves on the editorial board of several journals, and is a member of the prestigious CHI Academy. Anind received his PhD in computer science from Georgia Tech, along with a Masters of Science in both Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering. He received his Bachelors of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from Simon Fraser University.

Talk Location/Time University of Geneva, Battelle A-432, 15-16.30h

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