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About the Living Lab

Since 2012, our living lab consists of smartphone users testing diverse applications and services. We research innovative mobile communications and computing solutions with the aim of improving the Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoE), and, ultimately, the Quality of Life (QoL) of our users. mQoL Living Lab is a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) since 2013. The mQoL-Lab is the software infrastructure and computational framework that is continually updated with new data acquisition and modelling approaches and that supports the research carried out by the QoL Lab members. Since recently, we collaborate with the team leading the Copenhagen Research Platform (CARP) to jointly design, develop, evaluate quality solutions for our mQoL-Lab components (be assured, we do not exchange any study datasets!).

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Running Studies & Mobile Apps

We reserach and develop mobile applications and services. Some are available to involve volunteers in our studies.

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Sleep quality assessment

Sleep is essential human need which influences our immune system, ageing, decision making, and Quality of Life in a long term.

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European Network of Living labs

mQoL has been established in March 2012 and since August 2013 it is an official Member of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Related Project: H2020 WellCo

WellCo delivers a radically new technology-based solution in the provision of personalised assessment, advice, guidance and follow-up of users for the adoption of healthier behaviour choices that help them to maintain or improve their physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being for as long as possible.

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Latest Scientific References

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mQoL: Mobile Quality of Life Lab: From Behavior Change to QoL, Mobile Human Contributions DOI


«Being physically fit and mentally serene, having enough time to do sport daily, eating good quality and healthy food is the most important.»

S33, volunteer


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