Who are the users?

So far we have tens of smartphones users involved in the mQoL; yet our goal is to have as many as possible participants involved from Geneva city (Switzerland) and the surrounding French territory. Recently, we have also started to operate in Copenhagen (Denmark).

In mQoL, real users like you use their smartphones in real life environments. These smartphones operate Android OS and are either provided as new by our QoL lab or owned by the participants. Our research outcomes depend on the participation of people like you – willing to use their smartphones as they normally would and providing us with research data from whenever they are.

Once you participate in mQoL, you will be asked to help us from time to time (usually twice a year) and to test some of the research applications and services that our lab develops and you will be asked to provide a critical feedback on those apps. We will carefully listen to your opinions, experiences and expectations to derive future research directions. You can also propose to us a project that is relevant for you. We will listen.