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Sep 2022: Posters, Talks and Panel at the UNIGE’s Data Science Day

16 September 2022, University of Geneva Data Science Day,  QoL Lab members contribute with multiple posters, a talk, and panel contributions.

Igor Almeida Matias, “Providemus alz: Giving you the power to foresee Alzheimer’s disease effortlessly” available here.
Clauirton De Albuquerque Siebra, “Explainable AI for Longitudinal Behaviour, Health and Quality of Life Data” available here.
Katarzyna Wac, “Daily Life Sensing for Quality of Life Assessment: mQoL Living Lab”.

Katarzyna Wac, “AI for Quality of Life Assessment: Where is the Human?”

Katarzyna Wac, AI for good

All details and registration are here.

See also other talks given by the QoL group members here.