Oct 2018: UBICOMP Workshop on Mobile Human Contributions & Special Issue of IJHCS (Elsevier)

8 October 2018, ACM Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP 2018). The MHC Workshop is titled “Mobile Human Contributions: Opportunities and Challenges”. Web Co-Organizer: Prof. Katarzyna Wac Selected high-quality, high-impact, and original research results papers will be invited to submit extended version of their work to the Special Issue on ‘Human Accuracy in Mobile Data Collection’ of The […]

Aug 2018: Open Living Lab Days #OLLD18 in Geneva!

22-24 August 2018, Annual Summit of the Worldwide Living Lab Community (OpenLivingLab Days 2018), Geneva, Switzerland. OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community, formally the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) Summer School. The annual 4 day event includes interactive sessions, workshops, lively discussion panels with excursions and off-site visits […]

Apr 2018: Panel at the Society of Behavioural Medicine 2018

11-14 April 2018, The Digital Health Council and Education, Training, and Career Development Council organizes a Panel Titled “Perspectives On Effective Digital Health Training In Behavioral Medicine” (Web), at the 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of Society of Behavioural Medicine (SBM), New Orleans, LA, USA. Prof. Wac participates in a Panel discussion. Full citation Goldstein […]

May 2017: PervasiveHealth Conference and Workshops

23-26 May 2017, 11th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth 2017) and Conference Workshops. Workshops “Challenges and Opportunities in Pervasive Health-enabled Telemedicine” (web) “Leveraging Patient-Generated Data for Collaborative Decision Making in Healthcare” (web) “Health-i-Coach: Intelligent Technologies for Coaching in Health” (web) Katarzyna Wac is the Workshop Chair, see the submission details at […]

Dec 2015: HOT-MMCS: IEEE GlobeCom Special Session

6-10 December 2015, Special Session on “Hot Topics on Multimedia Communication Systems” (HOT-MMCS) at the 4th IEEE International Workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications (CCSNA) co-located with IEEE GlobeCom. See the dedicated HOT-MMCS website.

May 2015: PervasiveHealth Conference and Workshops

23-25 May 2015, 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth 2015) and Workshops. WORKSHOPS Workshop on Adaptive Treatments and Therapies (WATT 2015) Workshop on Personal Health Systems for Chronic Diseases (PHSCD 2015) 2nd Workshop on Process Oriented Approach for Patient Centered Care Delivery (ProCare 2015) Workshop on Issues of Geographically Distributed, Home-Based […]

Sep 2012: Paper presented at UbiMi workshop, co-located with the UBICOMP Conference, Pittsburgh, US

Mattia Gustarini presented his scientific paper at the International Workshop on Ubiquitous Mobile Instrumentation (UbiMi) workshop, co-located with the UBICOMP Conference, Pittsburgh, US You can find the paper and the slides under the following link: Mattia Gustarini, Katarzyna Wac, Ubiquitous Inference of Mobility State of Human Custodian in People-Centric Context Sensing Link to the UbiMi […]

Jun 2012: Papers Presented at the Mobile Data Challenge by Nokia Workshop, Newcastle, UK

Sokratis Barmpounakis and Mattia Gustarini presented their scientific papers published at the Mobile Data Challenge by Nokia Workshop, co-located with the PERVASIVE Conference in Newcastle, UK. You can find the papers, poster and slides under the following links: Sokratis Barmpounakis, Katarzyna Wac, Deriving Connectivity and Application Usage Patterns From Longitudinal Mobile Phone Usage Data Mattia […]

May 2011: QoL at Future Internet Assembly in Budapest

Organizers: Andreas Metzger and Clarissa Marquezan (Paluno, U of Duisburg-Essen; S Cube Network of Excellence and FInest FI PPP Use Case project), Katarzyna Wac (U of Geneva), David Hausheer (TU Darmstadt) Future Internet applications will draw on the convergence of Services, Things, Contents and Networks. This means that the capabilities and features of FI applications […]

Sep 2010: BodyNets 2010

Katarzyna Wac presented a paper entitled “Body Area Networks for Ambulatory Psychophysiological Monitoring: A Survey of Off-the-Shelf Sensor Systems” at BodyNets Corfu, Greece, 10-12 September, 2010, ACM Press Publisher