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May 2011: QoL at Future Internet Assembly (FIA) in Budapest

Organizers: Andreas Metzger and Clarissa Marquezan (Paluno, U of Duisburg-Essen; S Cube Network of Excellence and FInest FI PPP Use Case project), Katarzyna Wac (U of Geneva), David Hausheer (TU Darmstadt)

Future Internet applications will draw on the convergence of Services, Things, Contents and Networks. This means that the capabilities and features of FI applications will be provided – to a large extent – by third parties (e.g., through Internet-based software services, public sensor networks or cloud infrastructures). As a consequence, it will become of paramount importance to build FI applications in such a way that those applications can dynamically and autonomously respond to changes in the provisioning of services, availability of things and contents, as well as changes of network connectivity and end-user devices. Initial solutions for the dynamic adaptation of software and service systems exist. However, those solutions need to be significantly augmented, improved and integrated with a complete system perspective. Specifically, due to the very large scale of FI applications, this requires significant progress towards distributed and highly dispersed adaptation strategies and solutions. This session will elaborate on the need for such adaptation capabilities by introducing and scrutinizing representative, cross-cutting application scenarios from various (possibly complementary) domains. The results of this session will be a collection of the presented material and a consolidated list (possibly in the form of a mind map) of research challenges towards dynamically adaptive Future Internet applications. The results will be made available on the web portal of S-Cube at www.s-cube-network.eu.