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Feb 2024: Invited Talk by MSc Steven Bourke (PersonalPulse GmbH)

14 February 2024, The talk given by MSc Steven Bourke, the director, and CEO of PersonalPulse GmbH, is titled “From Testers to Co-creators – A Blueprint for Inclusion of People Who are Patients in Digital Health Innovation”

Abstract Successful digital health innovation requires a multistakeholder approach to build a sustainable solution. People who are patients are more often requested for insights at the early phase and final test phase, yet major gaps remain in value-based inclusion at all stages of the human-centric design process. Overcoming the current gaps in patient engagement in eHealth development requires consolidated efforts from all stakeholders in a complex healthcare ecosystem. The shift toward more patient-driven eHealth development involves education and awareness; frameworks to monitor and evaluate the value of patient engagement; regulatory clarity and simplification; platforms to facilitate patient access and identification; patient incentivization, transparency, and trust; and a mindset shift toward value-based health care. The presentation will introduce and walk you through the blueprint to move from Testers to Cocreators—the Value of and Approaches to Successful Patient Engagement in the Development of eHealth Solutions.


Bio Steven (Steve) Bourke is a dynamic advocate for Empowering People who are Patients. CEO of PersonalPulse GmbH is passionate about driving transformation in citizen-led healthcare innovation, working with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to co-create relevant, usable, and sustainable human-centred solutions. PersonalPulse guides partners in developing mutual value-based pillars through co-creation with patients in digital health. Co-creates with ecosystem partners, including Europen Patient Forum, academic partners (EthZ, Harvard School of BioEthics), global and regional patient advocacy groups (PinkBlue, GlobalSkin, EHA) and pharma partners (Roche, Zambon, BioMarin). He has also been instrumental in developing the DayOne HealthHack, Switzerland’s first patient-centred hackathon. Coordinator of the patient advisory group for the multistakeholder IMI Pharmaledger project. He co-founded the RheumaCura Foundation, an EUPATI CH member and an EUPATI fellow. He holds a BSc in Applied Sports Science, an MPhil in Molecular Respiratory Physiology, and an MSc in Health Communications.

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