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May 2024: Invited Talk by Mr Rainer Herzog (Digital Health Partners) on DiGAs in Germany

17 May 2024, The talk given by Mr Rainer Herzog, the Founder and Managing Partner of “Digital Health Partners” is titled “DiGAs in Germany – more than a flash in the pan? Did the DiGA initiative establish itself in the German healthcare system and in care delivery?

Content Since October 2020, digital health applications (DiGAs) have been prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists and reimbursed by health insurance companies in Germany. With this move, the German healthcare system has taken on a (rare) pioneering role in international comparison. Other countries, such as Belgium and France, have begun to implement similar models with the aim of promoting digital innovations and enabling new approaches to better and more comprehensive patient care. However, in recent time, a growing discussion amongst healthcare providers and payers has begun, questioning the cost/benefit relationship of DiGAs and calling for changing approval-, usage- and reimbursement regulation.

This lecture will look at:
• What do digital health app developers & providers need to do to obtain DiGA approval and subsequent reimbursement?
• Have DiGAs achieved their objectives?
• How well are they integrated in therapy and patient care?
• What are the hurdles & challenges to using DiGAs?
• How can those hurdles be addressed and solved in the future?
• How does the French “PECAN” approach compare with DiGA?
• What do digital health app providers & developers need to consider when entering the German market through DiGA?

Bio Mr Rainer Herzog is providing advice to healthcare organizations on building and implementing their digital health and patient engagement strategies and offerings. He also serves as a mentor and investor for digital health start-ups. As senior healthcare and digital health executive, Rainer possesses well-established experience in driving innovation and building new businesses. He has worked in various international senior management positions in the life sciences and telecoms industries, as well as with consulting firms and stakeholder organizations. He has a thorough understanding of the nature and complexity of healthcare and associated aspects of transformation.
Mr Rainer Herzog has been leading international projects with multidisciplinary teams and successfully steered two major European Union projects in mobile health (MobiHealth and HealthService24). Later on, he founded Munich-based “Digital Health Partners,” offering digital health consultancy and interim management services to different healthcare stakeholders, especially in the areas of digital health and patient engagement. He holds a degree in European Business Administration from Middlesex Business School in London, UK, and from Reutlingen Business School in Germany, and he also earned a certificate from the INSEAD Young Managers Programme.


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