Nov 2018: Can Data Decide Your Health?

Future Healthcare? Human & IT & Legal Perspectives Seminar How are healthcare technologies going to impact our society and relations? And what questions should we consider and discuss for the future, as the healthcare industry right now is changing dramatically? What Human and legal perspectives on the area, in shape of short presentations from experts […]

Dec 2014: Smartphone Interaction Study (participate by 31st Dec 2014 and win 50CHF Gift Card)

Thanks to our collaboration with the Google Research Group, we are currently investigating smartphone usage and interaction for building better interfaces. Since smartphone are becoming a common and ubiquitous devices supporting our daily life activities, better and more usable interfaces are required to make a smartphone even smarter. With the study we are currently conducting […]

Dec 2013: UnCrowdTPG mobile app awarded

The QoL team’s mobile application UnCrowdTPG has won a second place in the TPG Open Data Challenge. Read the full TPG press release in French and read the related article “Comment l’Open Data facilite notre vie”, LeTemps, 6 jan 2014. Check the application website and download instructions at UnCrowdTPG website. Photo of the QoL team […]

Aug 2013: mQoL becomes part of ENoLL

Since August 2013 our Quality of Life Living Lab (mQoL) is a Member of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). Mattia Gustarini represented the mQoL team at the ENoLL meeting, see Pic1,Pic2,Pic3.

Apr 2013: “Un bracelet qui mesure tout”, Emission Radio sur

25 April 2013, “Un bracelet qui mesure tout”, Emission Radio, Invitée: Dr. Katarzyna Wac, Tout quantifier dans sa vie, c’est la tendance pour les accros à la technologie. Pour les adeptes du “Quantified Self”, un nouveau bracelet est disponible en Suisse. Le UP permettrait de tout mesurer dans sa vie, du sport au sommeil. […]

Dec 2012: QoSIS demos – Check the best mobile networking option prescribed for you

As part of the QoSIS (MIQmodel), QoL focuses on measurements-based performance evaluation of wireless access networks provided by diverse mobile network operators towards prescribing the best mobile networking option for a given user. The QoL team has developed an Android OS mobile application that uses measurements data provided by the real mobile users living in Geneva […]

May 2012-13: Nous recherchons des volontaires pour participer à l’étude mQoL

Objectif: Le but de ce projet est de tester et de collecter différentes données par l’intermédiaire d’un téléphone mobile pour différents sous projets réalisés par le groupe QoL, de l’Institut de Science des Services de l’Université de Genève. Ces données seront utilisées afin de comprendre: a) comment l’utilisateur interagit avec le téléphone, b) quelles sont […]

Sep 2012: Quantified Self & Quality of Life Seminar Series (#3)

24 September 2012, 18.00, UniGe-UniMail, M3220, Seminar Series co-organized by Clement Charles (Quantified Self Labs, Geneva) and Dr. Katarzyna Wac (University of Geneva, Switzerland) Following our seminar on 11th June of 2012, we meet again in September! Quantified Self Labs is a collaboration of users and (self-)monitoring tool makers who share an interest in self […]

Feb-Jun 2012: Recherche utilisateurs de téléphones mobiles (Android OS) pour une étude scientifique

Notre groupe de recherche vous invite à participer à une étude scientifique. Nous vous proposons de tester une application pour téléphones mobiles développée dans notre laboratoire – ALE. Cette application détecte et calcule votre niveau d’activité physique journalier de manière non intrusive et sans autres appareils que le téléphone portable. Par le biais de cette […]

Anytime: Looking for Mobile Phone Users (Android OS) as Study Participants

Researchers at University of Geneva, Quality of Life team, would like to invite volunteers to participate in a research study, which purpose is to gather data on how participants use their mobile phone throughout their everyday activities and in different context and what is their subjective experience for different applications. By studying this, we hope […]