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Sep 2012: Quantified Self & Quality of Life Seminar Series (#3)

24 September 2012, 18.00, UniGe-UniMail, M3220, Seminar Series co-organized by Clement Charles (Quantified Self Labs, Geneva) and Dr. Katarzyna Wac (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Following our seminar on 11th June of 2012, we meet again in September!

Quantified Self Labs is a collaboration of users and (self-)monitoring tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. They exchange information about their personal projects, the tools they use, tips they’ve gleaned, lessons they’ve learned.

Quality of Life is our research group, where we collaborate on scientific projects, each of them including some elements of human (self-)tracking.

We invite researchers, (wireless) sensor/actuator manufacturers, application developers, service providers, and anybody interested in self-tracking or new technologies in general, to attend this introductory seminar and explore possibilities to get involved in one of our scientific projects.

See our online announcements at MeetUp for registration.

See our online announcements at QoL talks for other Quantified Self related seminars.