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Dec 2012: QoSIS demos – Check the best mobile networking option prescribed for you

As part of the QoSIS (MIQmodel), QoL focuses on measurements-based performance evaluation of wireless access networks provided by diverse mobile network operators towards prescribing the best mobile networking option for a given user. The QoL team has developed an Android OS mobile application that uses measurements data provided by the real mobile users living in Geneva area to predict the networks’ expected performance. There are measurements data and therefeore predictions available for Swiss operators: Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange CH, as well as French ones: F SFR, Bouygtel and Virgin. The overall study is called mQoL and involves already 30 participants.

Interested? We are always looking for mobile users (Android OS) interested in understanding the performance of their mobile network operator (especially in comparison to other operators) and willing to provide us with the measurement data (more info).