CoME: Caregivers and Me

European Ambient Assisted Living project “Caregivers and Me” (AAL-CoME) (AAL-2014-7-127) (2015-2018) embracing “Empowering Individuals in Preventive Health and Quality of Life” (myQoL)

CoME is a service-oriented platform which aims at developing solutions that empower seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in a social context, to improve and manage personal life. The proposal addresses relevant challenges such as health self-management and increase and facilitation of the supply of formal and informal care for seniors in need. CoME research and development efforts are based on a platform resulting from AAL MyGuardian project (2012-2015), and will extend it with new functionalities in order to provide care givers with better evaluation of senior’s state. The CoMe platform will include an analysis of the information / data obtained from the seniors, detection of anomalies, analysis of temporal aspects and early detection of risky behaviors. Specific guidelines and tutorials will be made available to seniors and caregivers. The most innovative function of the proposed solution is the match-making capability based on senior’s state and personal parameters to decide when is the intervention going to be provided and by whom (formal or informal caregiver). Further innovative functions include the detection of anomalies, the analysis of temporal aspects and the early detection of risky behaviors. This is considered to be a sound evolution of an existing platform in line with latest technological developments and research outcomes.

Consortium Members

HI-Iberia Ingenieria y Proyectos SL (SME) and Biomedical Research Institute for Health in Lleida (end-user) (both from Spain), VigiSense (SME) and University of Geneva (both from Switzerland), ConnectedCare (SME, from the Netherlands) and Pannon Business Network Association (end-user from Hungary).

Introductory Video