QoL@GVA: Bien Vivre Dans Nos Territoires Genevoises

We invite residents of the Canton de Genève to participate in a research study on their well-being in Geneva. We aim to understand the major factors influencing this well-being and derive implications for policymakers. We will implement global (Moran’s I) and local (LISA) indices of spatial autocorrelation to model the spatial dependence of Geneva residents’ well-being with the city resources.

The specific aims are as follows:
Aim 1. Systematic evaluation of current well-being in the Geneva area based on a representative sample of Geneva residents (N=30’000)
Aim 2. Systematic evaluation of Geneva resources (e.g., access to parks, leisure activities) based on the information derived from the territorial information system of Geneva (SITG)
Aim 3. Deriviation a set of evidence-based recommendations for policymakers for sustainable improvement of well-being in the Geneva area

The project is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Eloi Laurent, Professor in the School of Management and Innovation at Sciences Po (Paris) and Visiting Professor at Stanford University (USA).

The project is funded by Republique et Canton de Genève, Département du Territoire.

(An illustrative figure)