UnCrowdTPG (ended)

UnCrowdTPG: Tired of crowds on board TPG vehicles? Plan your trips better from today on!

If you are the type of person who likes to have control over your daily life, we have a service designed for you! UnCrowdTPG is transforming the way you will experience public transport in Geneva. By combining public transport data with live inputs from the crowd, the App gives commuters like you a complete real-time snapshot of what their trip will be like and suggests the most comfortable and less crowded way to travel. You are in charge of your trip!



  • Avoid overcrowding during the ride The App gives you real-time information about the situation onboard such that you can plan your travel in less crowded vehicles
  • Contribute & join the benefits Your opinion counts! Contribute via the App with your crowd assessment, it only takes one click! The more people contribute the more accurate the crowd estimation results become.



  • Personalized experience The App learns your favorite stops, the buses & trams you use most and customizes your experience. You are in charge of your trip!
  • Public transport options near you! The App detects your location and displays the nearest bus & tram stops on a live map.



  • Save time – no more waiting in vain The App tracks arriving buses & trams based on real-time information
  • SMS Ticket The App enables you to buy your UNIRESO tickets with just a few clicks!

Follow the latest UnCrowdTPG developments via the MobileThinking start-up website.

The UnCrowdTPG development team

The UnCrowdTPG application is developed and provided by the “Quality of Life technologies” (QoL) group at the University of Geneva, Institute of Services Science, being passionate about how technology can improve the quality of life of persons like you. Along with your application usage, we collect information that enables us to improve your experience: we make the application fast, accurate and secure.

Additionally, along with our research, we are interested in answering the questions related to, for example, human mobility and commuting patterns as well as how well individuals are connected to a mobile network when traveling in a tram or bus. We may leverage the application usage information in an aggregated, collective way for answering these research questions. We do not collect any identifiable information from you!

If you have any questions about this app and/or our research you should feel free to ask them by contacting the QoL team at:

University of Geneva, Institute of Services Science, Quality of Life, Battelle bâtiment A-205, route de Drize 7, CH-1227 Carouge, Switzerland, Tel.: +41 22 379 02 42, qol-study@unige.ch

This application was developed by the University of Geneva. All the data about the transport services (the data about the stops and the real-time data about the next departures) is provided by TPG!

Happy Travels!