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Jun 2012: “Future Internet for eHealth” Dagstuhl Seminar

3-6 Jun 2012, Dagstuhl Seminar co-organized by Prof. Dr. Paolo Bonato (Harvard Medical School, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and The Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Boston, USA), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Fiedler (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden), Prof. David Hausheer (TU Darmstadt, Germany) and Dr. Katarzyna Wac (University of Geneva, Switzerland).

Motivation: The support of eHealth in next generation networks is currently gaining increasing attention in the industry and public sector worldwide. For example, in Europe it is one of five pillars of the Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership and in the US is one of the points mentioned in the health care reform. The topic is very relevant to industry-related research fields a) focusing on Future Internet (mobile and wireless) networking infrastructures to understand the requirements put by eHealth solutions on these infrastructures; and b) focusing on eHealth solutions to understand what are the envisioned provisions and features of Future Internet (mobile and wireless) networking infrastructures, enabling advanced eHealth applications and services.

The area of eHealth involves several disciplines (medicine; computer science; ICT and networking; economics and insurances, governments and legal bodies). Thus, it is important to build and strengthen the links between the corresponding communities, and to provide young researchers with particular possibilities to make contacts and become part of an emerging, multi-disciplinary eHealth community. The proposed Dagstuhl seminar is thought to be an essential step in this direction.

Dagstuhl Seminar Report